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Laura Enfield, ND, LAc

I have fond memories from the 11th grade always being excited when it was time for Mr. Beeson’s Chemistry class in Elkhart, Indiana. It was there, amongst the beakers and flasks, that I sensed my great work in life would somehow involve science. When I came to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1991 I began my career in biotechnology.

During my early 20’s I very much enjoyed my work but had significant stress in my personal life. My body was often in pain and I woke up with a headache every morning for over a year. They were so severe that I would often become nauseous and virtually incapacitated. Without Excederin I could not get through the day. I felt like I was barely surviving and had to find another option. I reached out to co-workers and an acupuncturist was highly recommended so I immediately set an appointment. To my amazement I felt great relief right away. Through this extraordinary experience I came to believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when given the right opportunity.

The theory behind acupuncture is our body creates pain or dysfunction when our energy pathways are blocked. When the points are activated these pathways clear and often the body can miraculously heal itself. After just a couple of sessions I was hooked. I went consistently because the benefits in my body, mind, and spirit were phenomenal.

The effects were so great that after 10 years of working in biotech I knew I had found my true calling. I decided to pursue my doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a masters in Oriental medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

In order for true healing to occur it requires a doctor to take time to get to know the patient as a whole person and not simply a symptom to be relieved. Instead of the typical appointment of 5 – 7 minutes, you will receive 45 minutes of my undivided attention so that we can unravel the mystery of your health concerns. Rather than masking symptoms we work together to identify the root cause and balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. All of our systems are intertwined and your symptoms are simply clues that lead to solutions.

Hi! I’m Dr. Laura and I believe that health is your right.
Together, we can help you achieve a life worth living.

Are you ready to begin your journey to living the life you want?

I have successfully helped people just like you, people with low energy, insomnia, pain, and frustration. People who want to live their best life.

Together, we look at you as a person and use techniques that get your body back into balance so you feel better.

“If you’re suffering and your doctor(s) can’t help you, Dr. Laura is your girl. Believe me when I tell you that she will change your life. Give her the opportunity, and she will heal you and change the way you feel about medicine.” – Shelly M

Are you ready to experience freedom in your life?!

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