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Gas, bloating, abdominal gurgling, constipation, loose stool, diarrhea, IBS, incomplete feeling, abdominal cramping, GERD, fever, skin rashes, joint pain, foggy brain, headaches, and itchy skin are many of the symptoms you can have with a digestive imbalance! None of these are fun and they are all indications that there is an imbalance.

Dr. Laura helps restore balance in the digestive system, which is a primary foundation for a healthy life. When digestion improves many other symptoms improve including mood, brain, sleep, skin, and joint symptoms.

If you are having digestive, skin, brain, joint, or all-over symptoms it could be your gut.

Dr. Laura will thoroughly investigate  your symptoms through questioning and testing to determine the cause of your symptoms. She then effectively addresses the cause which results in you feeling better.

Her emphasis on natural and holistic interventions and lifestyle changes create lasting effects. She supports you in making positive improvements, whether it’s in lifestyle or attitude, as she sees this make an impactful difference on your health.

Naturopathic medicine is a sustainable, supportive approach to help you and your loved ones have a healthy digestion and a healthy life!


Call Dr. Laura to start your best life.

Help my belly!

Having belly pains, constipation, loose stool, gas, bloating?
Look no further.

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