Office Policies during COVID-19 Sheltering-at-home

As your naturopathic doctor, I value the well-being of all of my patients and I am so honored to be able to support my community in maintaining health.

Regarding the sheltering-in-place that has been implimented in the SF Bay Area and the spread of the coronavirus and it’s accompanying symptoms, I assure you that I continue to hold my patients’ best interests in mind. I’m here to answer any questions you may have about upcoming appointments, as well as any general questions you may have regarding the coronavirus. Preventative measures should be implemented to slow and prevent the virus from spreading. See my blog post for information on prevention.

I am keeping limited office hours during the shelter-in-place with the guidelines below. IV visits are being available to give your body the nutrients for boosting immunity.

These are the extra measures I’m taking to ensure to the best of my ability that my patients and my community are protected.

Before you come in for a visit:

  1. I am offering online telemedicine visits for all patients that need a consultation, but do not need any in-office services. Kim or Laurie can set you up with the link. Phone visits are also available.
  2. No walk-ins! Please call ahead to make an appointment before coming in. You will be phone screened first to determine the best way to proceed, i.e. online telemedicine visit or if an in-office visit is safe and appropriate.
  3. Patient visits will be spread out so that traffic in the clinic is at a minimum. Every visit will be held in private. Your visit will be the only visit happening in the clinic during your scheduled time.
  4. All patients who are feeling sick with fever or cough, etc. or have someone sick at home, should stay home and reschedule any upcoming appointments. I will likewise be sure to let all patients know if I become unavailable due illness symptoms and a need to quarantine.
  5. I encourage everyone to stay up to date on the Center for Disease control’s updates. You can find a lot of useful, official information at the following site:

When you come for your visit:

  1. Again, call to schedule an appointment. No walk-ins. You will be phone screened first to determine the best way to proceed, i.e. online telemedicine visit or in-office visit is safe and appropriate.
  2. All surfaces touched by patients each time they are in our clinic rooms or waiting room are being cleaned as frequently as possible. These surfaces include our medical equipment, chairs, door handles, the bathroom area, and other frequently touched hard surfaces. All frequently touched surfaces are being cleaned before and after every patient visit.
  3. All patients will be encouraged to wash their hands when first entering our clinics and encouraged to wash their hands before leaving our clinics.

For the time-being, I plan to remain open for the healthcare needs of my community. I will continue to implement our sanitation processes and limit person-to-person contact as much as possible. I will keep you updated on any changes.

We are in this together. I am here for you! Stay diligent, calm, and take care of yourself and those around you. Together, we will get through this. Love!

Very best wishes,

Dr. Laura Enfield

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Dr. Laura Enfield, ND, LAc

Dr. Laura Enfield is a California licensed naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. She is an expert in helping people with acute and chronic joint pain, digestive issues, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, and thyroid issues.

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