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You No Longer Have to Live With Pain – We Have Options!

Is pain affecting your life on a daily basis?
Has your activity level decreased as a result of pain?
Do you want a non-surgical, low to non-invasive procedure that will help you regain your life?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions you are in the right place.

There are many options to help you with your pain and Dr. Enfield will help you determine which is best suited for you and your body.


Prolozone is a safe, non-surgical, regenerative therapy used to reduce
and often cure chronic and acute joint pain.
Prolozone compliments stem cell therapy and PRP.

When using prolozone therapy you can expect:

  • Tendon & ligament regeneration – resulting in a stronger, more stable, pain-free joint.
  • A true cure of most chronic injuries and degenerative processes.
  • Most people only need between 3-6 treatments – however, the response varies from person to person.
  • No to minimal side-effects!


Acupuncture is proven to reduce and eliminate pain. It is very effective specifically for pain but also supports your entire body to get to a place of balance. When we have dis-ease in the body, it is showing us that it is out of balance. Pain can contribute to the body getting out of balance. Acupuncture is fantastic at helping your body return to homeostasis and pain-free living.

Dr. Enfield includes acupuncture treatments with the stem cell and prolotherapy treatments because it increases circulation to the area, helps support the repair, and increases the success of the treatments.

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