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Local Finds

Byrd’s Filling Station

A refill station with zero-waste options. Non-toxic, healthy household products, personal care products, storage containers and more!

Misfits Bakehouse

Amazing gluten-free and paleo baked goods in Palo Alto. Also frequently at the San Mateo Farmer’s Market on Saturdays at CSM!

Farm Fresh Chef

Weekly personal chef meal prep services. local, organic, non-gmo, farm fresh, oven ready, heat and eat meals. Made with love.

Products to Support Your Body

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Dr. Laura vetted supplements.
Purchasing through my store ensures high quality and concentration yielding results.

Pure Effect Filters

Having clean water to drink is vital to your health and well-being. Pure Effects, high-quality, high-performance drinking water systems help naturally raise/maintain alkaline pH, enhance antioxidant properties of water, and effectively filter out: Fluoride, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals & More!

Purity Coffee

The Gold Standard for healthy coffee. Testing to ensure the harvested beans are as good as they can be. Conscious, sustainable farming. High levels of anti-oxidants meaning the coffee truly is a nutritional health food. Mold-free Organic Coffee – You can taste and feel the difference!

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Shield Yourself and Your Family from EMF exposure with DefenderShield. In the industry, DefenderShield® is known as the trusted expert in EMF shielding and education. DefenderShield® offers the platinum standard in EMF and 5G radiation protection solutions for mobile devices.

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Austin Air Filters

Dr. Laura is a dealer for the only clinically proven air filter that is made in the USA! Austin Air Purifiers are the most effective at removing chemicals and VOC’s from the environment. To purchase please contact the office to place an order.

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Dr. Laura vetted supplements.
Purchasing through my store ensures high quality and concentration yielding results.

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