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I know we’ve all heard or said this – “I can’t remember (fill in the blank), I must be getting old.” To this I say, no, no, no, losing your mind is not normal for aging. 😉

The brain can function very well into old age and, it can also deteriorate as we age. The outcome depends on how you are nurturing it, or how you’re stressing it out.


  • Exercise your brain – “Use it or lose it” is true.
  • Learn new things, read, do puzzles, dance, etc.
  • Exercise your body
  • Exercise reduces stress and increases blood circulation to the brain.
  • Reduce inflammation – An inflamed body can create an inflamed brain.
  • Eat well – focus mostly anti-inflammatory foods
  • Minimize environmental toxins – toxins are inflammatory and if they enter the brain… which they can… literally kill brain cells
  • Reduce stress – stress is inflammatory – deep breathing, exercise, mindfulness all help
  • Eat brain-nourishing foods.
  • Good fats – the brain relies on healthy fats to function properly – avocados, raw nuts, extra virgin olive oil
  • Antioxidants – reduce cellular stress – organic vegetables and fruits
  • Focus on positive thoughts, love, and gratitude.
  • This decreases stress and inflammation, slows brain aging, balances the brain hemispheres, and nourishes blood flow, focus, and memory.
  • Add meditation to your life. Even starting with 1 minute a day can make a difference!

What stresses our brain out? Basically the opposite of the above list. Let’s focus on taking action on the positive things you can do – use the above list as your starting guide to better brain health. You can do it!

If you are losing your memory as you age, do get help sooner rather than later! It’s far easier to stop the deterioration and heal your brain in the earlier stages of memory loss than trying to reclaim it.

Preventative medicine is queen! Don’t wait until it is too late, book a visit with me if you want the power of professional support on your side. I’m here for you. Healthy aging is one of my specialties.

In radiant health,

Dr. Laura