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Today is Earth Day. What do you do to help keep this amazing planet healthy? How does this relate to your own health?

There are a lot of simple, easy things you can do on a daily basis to help Gaia and ensure she is here for many years to come. If you have children it is a wonderful opportunity to share your love of the earth with them and teach them how they too can make a difference.

There are many groups around the Bay that organize Earth Day events. Beach clean-ups, picking up trash in the local neighborhood, or restoring native plants are just some of the ways to help. You can do a search to find one near you.

How does Earth Day relate to your health?

What you do at home to help your health has a direct effect on Gaia.

Here are some ideas that support your health and Gaia’s:

  • Shop the farmers market where you’ll find organically grown, sustainably raised products.
  • Decrease or eliminate the purchase of products packaged in plastic. (This is probably one of the most challenging on this list!)
  • Re-use and re-purpose as many things as you can.
  • Check out Green Citizen in Burlingame – they recycle all forms of styrofoam as well as electronics, electric housewares, CDs, and more.
  • Compost food scraps or start an earthworm bin – these are fun ways to engage your children or yourself. The earthworms can then be transferred to your garden.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Make every day Earth Day!

All of these ideas help your health by providing healthy, nutritious, whole foods, help your outlook on life by making a difference, and directly supporting soil, insect, and plant health. Just as you care for your body so should you care for our beautiful planet.

Happy Earth Day!

In radiant health,

Dr. Laura