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April is Earth Day month and I wanted to share things you can do to lighten the trash load on Mother Earth.

Recycle Your Supplement Packaging

I am very pleased to announce that you can recycle the packaging for supplements from Seroyal Genestra, Unda, Pure, Douglas Labs, Klean Athlete, Wobenzyme, and Pharmax either at my office OR from your own home. The pieces they recycle are the things that our local recycling company won’t take – shrink wrap, bottle caps, droppers, magnelevures packages, bottle safety covers, blister packs, plastic scoops, and pouches

All you have to do is sign up through TerraCycle here!

Collect the packaging and then when you’re ready to mail it in go to Terracycle, print out your shipping label, and take it to UPS.

ANOTHER alternative is you can collect these things and bring them into the office and we’ll send them off for you.

It’s a win-win situation!


If you’re like me you get overwhelmed with the amount of single-use plastic waste we use. I have been a long-time collector of plastic bags for recycling. During the pandemic a lot of the places that took the plastic bags for recycling closed. I also found out that many of them didn’t really recycle the bags.

There is now a solution!

RIDWELL – a wonderful organization that will take your plastic bags and recycle them – often into new products. They also take other things like styrofoam, lightbulbs, clothes, books, cds, and more.

I just signed up and had my first pick-up. One of the perks of your first pick-up is you get 5 free extra bags – I got rid of SOOO MUCH plastic it was very satisfying!

Click here if you’re interested in checking out Ridwell for your own home.

Buy Less Plastic

Here in San Mateo there is a new store called Byrd’s Filling Station – 219 S. San Mateo Drive, San Mateo. Laura has curated many bulk products all you need to do is either bring in your bags or containers and fill up or purchase a container from them. Her goal is to decrease plastic usage and waste that is going into our Mother Earth.

What Else are You Doing?

Let me know what things you’re doing to help Mother Earth. I like to hear about your creative endeavors!

And remember, we all live here together on Mother Earth. We are the stewards of her!

In radiant health,

Dr. Laura