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Recently flying over San Francisco not only gave me this amazing and unique view of the San Francisco Bay Area it also reminded me of the 30,000 foot view of your health.

All systems in your body are interrelated – Stepping back and looking at you as the whole person, taking a wider perspective leads to a better, more effective approach to health.

When you go to the doctor your symptoms and which system is being affected are the focus. This can be helpful if you have an acute illness or a broken bone. However, when you have something chronic going on the 30,000 foot view makes a huge difference.

Another way to consider this is treating you as the whole person.

When I work with you I take a broader view of you and your health. It’s no surprise that chronic illnesses affect several different organ systems. This is because the body is so amazing, when one system is stressed, other systems will chip in to help the body keep going. Great for the short term, not so great in the long term.

A wonderful example of this is the hormone system. If the thyroid is challenged the adrenals and sex hormones will pick up the slack to help maintain status quo as best as possible. This can go on for quite a while but after time the body starts showing symptoms in the other systems.

Taking the higher vantage point allows us to consider all aspects of you and address you as a whole, leading to less symptoms, improved health, more effective healing, and you feeling better!

If you’re ready for a new, effective approach to health try taking the 30,000 foot view – you might see things that you didn’t see before and really start feeling better. Give me a call to schedule your appointment so we can get started.

In radiant health,

Dr. Laura