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People as a whole seem to be getting sicker. In fact, I just read that over half of the world’s population is afflicted with some type of chronic disease or degenerative illness – diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and dementia to name a few. Autoimmune conditions are on the rise with more than 24 million Americans affected, 5-10% of those patients having more than one auto-immune diagnosis.

This isn’t very positive or up-lifting. But it does show us that the current medical model isn’t curing disease or even healing people. The medications mask and suppress the symptoms with patients believing their life depends on them. Patients are catching on that this isn’t improving their quality of life. They are recognizing there has to be another way.

There is Hope!

A different approach is needed and that’s what I offer. Why is my approach different?

Let’s start with discussing what the human body is composed of. It has approximately one hundred thousand billion cells that carry out over one hundred thousand biochemical reactions per second. These cells make up the dozens of bioregulating systems – digestion, cardiovascular, hormonal, and nervous system are some examples.

That’s a lot of regulating going on!

To top it off, all of these cells and systems are intimately related to each other.

When the communications between the systems fail, regulation becomes dysregulation, and symptoms follow. Dis-ease occurs when one or more of the systems are pushed out of balance. Chronic and degenerative illnesses usually have at least FIVE regulatory systems out of balance. This is why there isn’t a “Magic Bullet” to cure dis-ease. If there were, I’d be rich and famous 😉

Restoring the Balance

Restoring the balance and communication between the systems leads to a decrease and elimination of symptoms. What is cool is that each system has an innate ability to self-repair or self-heal. Just like the bones will re-knit themselves if broken or the skin heals when cut – the other systems have this ability as well. The healing is conditional though – the right tools need to be given so it can actually happen.

The Right Tools

When patients work with me, I use natural and energetic therapies to support and restore the body’s ability to regenerate, repair, and self-heal.

Using this approach as a foundation means your care is patient-, health-, performance-, ecology-, biology-, spiritually, physiology-, and curatively centered!

It focuses on your unique body, its history, energy, structure, biochemistry, and emotional patterns. The FOCUS IS ON YOU!

Your treatment plans are tailored to meet you and your needs.

We’re in This Together!

True healing takes time. There really isn’t any magic bullet, but restoring balance to the body can lead to more lasting and curative changes. When you are committed to the process and giving the body what it needs to heal you feel better in your day-to-day, your mood is better, your body functions better.

And I am here with you on the journey as your guide, teacher, and cheerleader. My commitment is to you and your healing.

In radiant health,

Dr. Laura