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Throughout the last two years we have learned so many different things about health and healing. One of the most important lessons is that prevention can go a long way in keeping you healthy. Which is why I like to focus on prevention. My Top Treatment Tips are about prevention as well as decreasing inflammation and optimizing elimination or detox.

My new favorite daily routine is nebulizing, and it is making its way into my Top Treatment Tips.


A nebulizer is comprised of an air compressor that connects to a mask and a cup that holds liquid supplements. When you turn on the compressor air is forced through the nebulizer cup with the liquid which is aerosolized. As you inhale, the aerosolized supplement gets higher up into the sinus cavity. It is also fast-tracks supplements to the brain. This can be great for mood support and any brain issues.


The base supplements I am using in the nebulizer are glutathione (special for nebulizing) and silver hydrosol or you can use colloidal silver. I then personalize it for the patient using homeopathics or herbs. You can add saline solution for hydration and to increase the volume.


I use my nebulizer practically daily. There are several reasons to use a nebulizer.

  • One of the obvious reasons is for any type of sinus, allergy, or nasal congestion.
  • Another reason that we are finding it to be quite effective for is headaches, migraines, or any type of brain issues, including brain fog!
  • The other maybe not so obvious reason is for digestive support. The sinuses are a direct line to the digestive tract and are very connected. Clearing up the sinuses can clear up gut issues.
  • I am recommending the nebulizer for practically all of my patients.

It is my belief that since I have been using my nebulizer daily it has helped to keep me healthy during this last round of covid. My patients that have been using it have also noticed that their allergies have improved and yes, brain fog has cleared!

If you aren’t already using a nebulizer, I highly suggest it. You can buy a nebulizer online and I also carry them in the office in addition to the glutathione and silver hydrosol. Give the office a call if you want to try out this simple and highly effective treatment.

In radiant health,

Dr. Laura